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I know that CCC Information Services Inc still practices unfair market valuation for vehicles. CCC Information Services has been involved in lawsuits and settlements in the past for under-valuing customers vehicles.

In my own experience, my vehicle was declared a total loss following a June 4 2017 accident. CCC performed a market value assessment for my car on behalf of my auto insurer, Geico. My 2012 GMC Terrain SLE according to CCC, was valued at $11,890. But they only looked at 4 vehicles, 2 of which were over 100,000 miles (mine had 80,000) and 2 vehicles were in different states, even though I live in Milwaukee where the metro area has plenty of available cars for comparison.

I complained about this and ran my own analysis using similar "standards" to theirs. I found 10 cars with closer mileage and closer geographical location to me. My analysis came up with a market value that was $13,305, or $1,415 higher than theirs. I showed CCC my analysis and they said they would not change their valuation.

I ran yet another analysis with new additional cars. Now 16 cars total for a large sample size and good statistical means. MY figure actually increased slightly to $13,681 average value and 81,827 average mileage. CCC still said they would not change their value.

They sent me a report with 10 new cars of their own and somehow arrived exactly at their previous $11.890. But I noticed I could not replicate their work. 9 out of the 10 vehicles they listed I could not find online, yet my analysis included real vehicles that you could find online at Autotrader.com and I disclosed this. They would not tell me where these phantom vehicles came from.

It became clear that CCC was cherry-picking or even making up vehicles to undervalue my car, also choosing vehicles in Central Illinois and in Michigan (over 150 mi away) which was completely unnecessary when there are hundreds of cars in Milwaukee/ Chicago metro area near me.

(less than 75 miles). Beware of their practices!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ccc Information Services Estimate.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Preferred solution: increase market valuation of my vehicle.

I didn't like: Cherry-picked an overly large market with low-ball values, Manipulated data against the consumer, Your value of vehicle scale way off, Not fair in pricing of vehicle, Get to use their own rules.

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Woodruff, South Carolina, United States #1347097

Amazing... seems you lifted the Cliff Notes from my on-going experience with this SCAM "company" who loves to dumpster dive that august and trustworthy "fair market" valuation North Star known as...


I'm starting my investigation on this company.

However, one needs to actually query their customer facing insurance company as to whom they contract with to determine "fair market values" before believing the sales hype they present to their prospective customers.

I now know what I'm up against with my (formerly) premium insurer. I still pay premium rates though.

I'll be looking into those past lawsuits against this unscrupulous and, at the very least, malfeasant organization.

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