I'm currently dealing with Nationwide and CCC one.I have the top of the line trim package and they are using the bottom line model in their evaluation.

They have added a few of my options in but depreciated those 87%. My car is less than 3 years old and has very low mileage. They purposely missed some of the more expensive items like my OEM LED headlights (over $1600 to replace) and also only provided a credit of $18 for the OEM automatic headlight washing system. They actually told me that some of the OEM options are "personal preference items" and do not add value to the car.

The offer is over $6,000 below what I can find on the market to replace my car. They provided similar cars in the report but all of them were the lower end models and are not comparable. The accident was 100% not my fault. I was hit by an uninsured driver and I have uninsured motorist coverage.

I will be shopping for a different insurance company soon.Avoid all insurance companies that use CCC One.

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